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Online Christian Counseling

Support for yourself

One-on-one Counseling

Experienced counselors that can help you with a range of issues including depression, anxiety, lack of purpose, trauma, grief, and more.

Relationship Counseling

Support for you and yours

Relationship Counseling

Dating, engaged, newlyweds or married for decades; our professional relationship counsellors will help bring you closer together.

Teen Counseling

Support for your child

Teen & Young Adult Counseling

A trusted support system to guide your child through the hurdles of the teen years in a medium they feel most comfortable with.

Online Christian Counseling

Experienced, certified and Christ-centered counselors that you can trust.


Connect with your counselor on your phone, tablet or laptop from the comfort of home.

No need to search around for the right one – we match you with the perfect counselor for you based on your personality, needs and goals.


Our counselors are passionate followers of Jesus and view the world through a biblical lens.

They are here to counsel you through life’s hurdles – and they’ll be praying for you too!


Sessions when it works for you – not when the office can fit you in!

With counselors covering all time zones, you let us know the times that suit and we will line up a counselor to match.

Screened & Vetted.

Every counselor completes our triple security check and certification.

Offering experience, compassion and discretion, your counselor will walk with you into fullness.


Professional counseling for less than a third of the cost of in-office therapy.

We make counseling accessible for more families. Easy payment options with no contracts, minimums or prepayments.

Risk free.

Love your counselor or the first session is free.

We know how important it is to find the right counselor – so we offer a good fit guarantee on your first encounter.

Book your first session with a certified counselor in under 3 minutes


Completely risk free with our good fit guarantee.

Jesus said that in this world you will have trouble

So is there any real surprise we often feel the way we do?

The good news though: take heart, for he has overcome the world!

We believe that victory is available to you – and our counsellors are here to walk you into it.

Freedom, joy and purpose lie just around the corner for you and your loved ones. Partnering with a Christ Centered Counsellor will give you the one-on-one support to work through grief, addiction, purposelessness, relationship issues or anything else you need to talk about – free from judgement or condemnation.

We believe in helping people achieve their God-given potential through biblically-grounded counseling.

Jesus came that you might have life; and have it to the full! Let’s get there together!

Online Christian Counseling


Completely risk free with our good fit guarantee.

Our counselors:

Pastors, Church leaders and experienced counselors from around the world.

Just a heads up: our counselors aren’t licensed therapists. Here’s why.

Christian Counselor

David Sorento

San Diego, USA

Bachelor of Ministry; Masters of counseling

Associate Pastor at Greenland Baptist

Christian Counselor

Janet Morrisey

Toronto, Canada

Bachelor of counseling

Teaching Pastor at Toronto Baptist

Christian Counselor

Todd Wallis

London, UK

Bachelor of ministry

Teaching minister at St Stephens, London

Lin Wu Kai


Bachelor of Ministry

Counseling pastor at St Thomas

Christian Counselor

David Richmond

New York, USA

Doctorate in theology

Associate paster at Redeemer Baptist

Christian Counselor

Lisa Anglor

Auckland, New Zealand

Bachelor of theology

Associate pastor at St Albans

Maggie Deblois

Sydney, Australia

Masters of counseling

Counseling pastor at St Matthews

Christian Counselor

Carlos Gomez

Texas, USA

Bachelor of Ministry

Senior pastor at Life Church

Christian Counselor

Tracey Smith

Perth, Australia

Bachelor of counseling

Counseling pastor at Perth River Church

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

I really needed some help getting through a dark time and my counselor walked me through it with patience and confidence. Thank you!

Utah, USA

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

My son graduated from high school and wasn’t sure of what to do next. A few sessions with his counselor made him realize what he was really passionate about and identify the path to take.

Christchurch, New Zealand

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Excellent Online Christian Counseling. I couldn’t find anyone near me, so being able to talk to someone online is so helpful.

Melbourne, Australia

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

In my family we don’t talk about our problems. Having someone I can trust to talk to about these things makes my days better!


★ ★ ★ ★ ★

My wife and I are in a much better place after working with our counselor for a few sessions. Having Jesus at the center of it all really makes a big difference.

Vancouver, Canada

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

I love my counselor – they really care about me and genuinely want to help me get to a better place.

Manchester, UK

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

I love that I can connect with a Christian Counselor that shares my beliefs, that prays for me and leads me to be more like Jesus.

Texas, USA

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

I tried counselors near me but didn’t connect with any of them. It was an instant connection with my online counselor. Highly recommended!

Arizona, USA


How it works:

Christ Centered Counseling

Book your first session in under 3 minutes

Tell us about yourself (or your child), what you are looking for in a counselor and the times and days that work for you. Booking is quick, easy and headache-free.

Our team will get to work in pairing you up with the perfect Christ Centered Counselor and send you first session details once confirmed.

We’ll include a brief online profile of your counselor – but remember the best test of any counselor is meeting them in person, which is why we have our good fit guarantee.

Meet your counselor online

Connect with your counselor via video in our custom built platform and get to know them face-to-face – we want to make sure they are the right counselor for you!

They’ll ask you questions around your goals and reasons for seeking support, and develop some milestones to work towards.

After the first session we will reach out to see how it went – and hopefully you’ll be ready to schedule in your next session right away.

Manage your sessions in your Dashboard

From within your Dashboard you can schedule sessions, message your counselor and manage payments.

We encourage ongoing sessions for the greatest progress, but you are free to discuss timings and frequency with your counselor directly.

The relationship can span as long as you want it to. There are no contracts or minimums working with us, and you can cancel at any time from within your Dashboard.


Completely risk free with our good fit guarantee.


Affordable Christian Counseling:

Less than a third of the cost of in-office therapy

Teens & Adults

One-on-one support


Relationship counseling

✓ No contracts, prepayments or hidden fees – the price you see above is what you will pay

The world’s easiest payment system – your payment information is stored securely and charged after each session

Good fit guarantee – if you don’t feel the counselor we match you with is right for you, there’s no charge for the first session

No charge for missed sessions – just reschedule in your account at least 24 hours before a scheduled session


Completely risk free with our good fit guarantee.


Give the gift of joy

Send a loved one a digital gift card and help them reach wholeness.

Purchase a gift card with your choice of session credits and send it to anyone in the world, giving them one-on-one support from our expert Christian counselors.



Frequently Asked Questions:

Who are your counselors?

Our counselors are pastors and church leaders from across the world that are passionate about building up the body of believers. Every counselor that works with us has gone through our comprehensive screening process to ensure they meet and exceed our very specific criteria, followed by our unique certification process. While many of them hold formal qualifications in the mental health space, we do not specifically require them to be psychologists or licensed therapists – we explain this in more detail here.

While the background, experience and culture of each of our counselors is unique, each one has the care, passion and sensitivity to help you reach the fullness God has planned for you.

Who will I work with?

Once you book, we get to work matching you with the perfect counselor for you based on your personality, needs and goals.

As soon as we have them confirmed, we’ll send you all the details you need for your first session, along with a profile of your counselor to review. Keep in mind that the best test of any counselor is not how they appear on paper, but how they communicate in real life – which is why we have our good fit guarantee, giving you a chance to meet them face-to-face.

If you don’t think the counselor we have matched you with is the right one for you, there is no charge for the first session!

Is Christ Centered Counseling for me?

Christ Centered Counseling exists to connect individuals and couples with screened, accredited and trusted Christian counselors in a way that is easy, convenient and affordable.

Our counselors hold a biblical worldview and will encourage you to view your identity the way in which God views it; as a loved and valued child of God.

Our counselors can help with a wide range of issues, including grief, addiction, purposelessness, relationship issues or anything else you need to talk about – free from judgement or condemnation.

Christ Centered Counseling is right for you if you want greater joy, freedom and fulfillment in your life, and are open to trusting a Christian counselor to help you on your way.

Christ Centered Counseling may not be right for you if:

  • You require a licensed therapist in your state/country
  • You require a therapist for legal or insurance reasons
  • You are under the age of 13

How much will it cost?

Christ Centered Counseling is designed to be affordable for individuals and couples, offering flexible sessions, free from contracts or minimum commitments.

View our current pricing here.

How long will it take to get matched with a counselor?

Once you book online, we get to work matching you up with the right counselor for you based on your personality, needs and goals.

In most cases we will have you paired up with a counselor in 48 hours – but we will keep you updated if there are delays.

Once the matching process is complete, the first session will be scheduled for that same week. Any changes to scheduling can be made from within your dashboard.

How will I communicate with my counselor?

All sessions take place via video call in our custom built online counseling rooms (similar to Zoom or Facetime). We encourage video to give your counselor the best opportunity to get to know you, but if you choose you can leave your camera off (your counselor will always have their camera on).

You can connect to the call via phone, tablet or laptop using your browser (Chrome preferred).

In addition to your scheduled video calls, you will be able to message your counselor directly from within your dashboard.

Do I have to be a Christian to see a counselor?

Not at all – we welcome people from all paths of life, as long as you are OK knowing that your counselor is a follower of Jesus that is active in their Church and will view the world through this lens.

We encourage each session to open with a short prayer – but if you would rather skip this you can let your counselor know.


Completely risk free with our good fit guarantee.


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