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Online Christian Counseling

Online Christian Counseling with certified counsellors to help you through life’s hurdles; anytime, anywhere and from any device.


Completely risk free with our good fit guarantee.

Online Christian Counseling

Online Christian Counseling

Support for yourself

One-on-one Christian Counseling

Experienced counselors that can help you with a range of issues including depression, anxiety, lack of purpose, trauma, grief, and more.

Relationship Counseling

Support for you and yours

Relationship Counseling

Dating, engaged, newlyweds or married for decades; our professional relationship counsellors will help bring you closer together.

Teen Counseling

Support for your child

Teen & Young Adult Counseling

A trusted support system to guide your child through the hurdles of the teen years in a medium they feel most comfortable with.

Online Christian Counseling

Experienced, certified and Christ-centered counselors that you can trust.

Easy 🙌

Connect with your counselor on your phone, tablet or laptop from the comfort of home.

No need to search around for the right one – we match you with the perfect counselor for you based on your personality, needs and goals.

Faith-filled ✝️

Our counselors are passionate followers of Jesus and view the world through a biblical lens.

They are here to counsel you through life’s hurdles – and they’ll be praying for you too!

Flexible 📅

Sessions when it works for you – not when the office can fit you in!

With counselors covering all time zones, you let us know the times that suit and we will line up a counselor to match.

Screened & Vetted 🔒

Every counselor completes our triple security check and certification.

Offering experience, compassion and discretion, your counselor will walk with you into fullness.

Affordable 😎

Professional counseling for less than a third of the cost of in-office therapy.

We make counseling accessible for more families. Easy payment options with no contracts, minimums or prepayments.

Risk free ❤️

Love your counselor or the first session is free.

We know how important it is to find the right counselor – so we offer a good fit guarantee on your first encounter.

Book your first session with a certified Online Christian Counselor in under 3 minutes


Completely risk free with our good fit guarantee.

Online Christian Counseling that will guide you into Christ-Centered fullness

“The thief comes only to steal, kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full
John 10:10

We all want joy in life. We all long for purpose, meaning and connection – we want to know that our days amount to something. These things give us life – but sometimes that can be taken from us.

Speaking with an Online Christian Counselor can help restore you to fullness in Christ. Our counsellors are experienced, accredited believers that will work alongside you supporting you through a broad range of issues free from judgement.

We also offer counseling for teens and young adults, and relationship counseling for couples. Everyone in your family can benefit from the trusted support of an Online Christian Counselor – connecting with your counselor at a time that works for you, anywhere and anytime.

Wake up each morning with excitement and passion. Redeem what was taken from you. Your counsellor is on your side and here to help you achieve life to the full.


Completely risk free with our good fit guarantee.

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In the fast-paced digital age, where virtual connections are increasingly replacing physical interactions, seeking professional help and guidance through online platforms has become a prevalent trend. One area that has embraced this shift is counseling, including the domain of faith-based support. Online Christian counseling has emerged as a valuable resource, providing individuals with the opportunity to access mental and emotional assistance while integrating their faith into the healing process.

Understanding Online Christian Counseling

Online Christian counseling is a form of virtual therapy that combines Christian principles and beliefs with professional counseling techniques. It allows individuals to seek guidance, support, and healing from experienced Christian counselors through internet-based communication channels such as video conferencing, phone calls, chat, or email. This mode of counseling empowers individuals to address personal challenges while incorporating their faith as a source of strength and guidance.

The Benefits of Online Christian Counseling

  1. Accessibility and Convenience: One of the primary advantages of online Christian Counseling is its accessibility. Geographical barriers no longer hinder individuals from accessing accredited Christian counselors on Christ Centered Counseling. Whether someone resides in a remote area or has mobility constraints, they can easily connect with a counselor who aligns with their faith and values.
  2. Anonymity and Comfort: Seeking counseling online can provide a sense of anonymity and comfort, allowing individuals to share their struggles without feeling self-conscious or judged. This privacy can foster openness, leading to more productive counseling sessions and better outcomes.
  3. Integration of Faith: For those who adhere to Christian beliefs, integrating faith into counseling can be immensely comforting and reassuring. Online Christian counseling allows individuals to discuss their spiritual concerns, seek guidance from a biblical perspective, and find strength in their relationship with God during challenging times.
  4. Flexibility of Scheduling: The flexibility of online Christian counseling accommodates individuals with busy schedules. Clients can book appointments at their convenience, facilitating better time management and overall participation in the counseling process.
  5. A Holistic Approach: Online Christian counseling takes a holistic approach to mental and emotional well-being. By addressing both psychological and spiritual aspects of an individual’s life, counselors can assist clients in achieving comprehensive healing and growth.

As technology continues to shape the world we live in, Online Christian Counseling with Christ Centered Counseling emerges as a promising avenue for those seeking professional mental and emotional support while integrating their faith into the healing process. The accessibility, convenience, and holistic approach of this mode of therapy make it a valuable resource for individuals navigating life’s challenges. Online Christian Counseling can be a transformative and empowering support system for individuals on their journey towards emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being.

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We recommend weekly sessions, but you are free to see your counselor more or less than that as you would like. Manage sessions, payments and messaging through our online portal.

Book your first session with an Online Christian Counselor in under 3 minutes


Completely risk free with our good fit guarantee.

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